5 Things I Dream I Might Ignore the Underground Disney World Tunnels

Disney World may be one of the most Wonderful Put On Earth, however that does not indicate it’s all magic and pixie dust all the time.

We enjoy Cast Members!

It takes a great deal of effort to keep the parks and more running, and that hard work is done by all those wonderful Cast Members! However operating at Disney World isn’t constantly attractive, and in truth–sometimes there are certain things about their jobs they wish they could forget This is specifically real when it pertains to the underground tunnels beneath Magic Kingdom— and we’re informing you why!

Here at DFB, we’re quite fortunate that we have actually got many previous Disney World Cast Members on our group. This indicates we get to discover all sorts of juicy information and interesting tricks about what working for your house of Mouse resembles. However it likewise indicates that we get to become aware of the not-s0-magical elements of the task, too. The underground tunnels below Magic Kingdom– likewise referred to as the Utilidors– have actually constantly been a thing of marvel to routine Disney fans. However, obviously, some Cast Members would rather forget their time in the tunnels– here’s why.

The Travel Time

It can Disney World visitors a while to get to Magic Kingdom. You normally need to park at the Transport and Ticket Center and after that take a bus, ferryboat, or monorail to in fact make it to the park gate. However think what? The exact same is basically real for Magic Kingdom Cast Members also. They likewise need to park far and after that hop onto a bus to make their method there.

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However then, once they do, they need to browse through the tunnels to get to where they’re going and it’s frequently not a fast procedure. Despite the fact that these underground tunnels were developed to assist Cast Members navigate the park without individuals seeing them, there aren’t always any faster ways down there. As soon as you lastly do make it to the ideal location, you may need to stroll up 3-4 flights of stairs to get to your real workplace! That seems like rather a stressful journey simply to begin your work day.

The Normalcy

Obviously, Disney World is wonderful, however the Utilidors are disappointingly typical from what we have actually been informed. Everybody is constantly so hyped to see them, and after that when you do– it looks similar to any other sort of commercial area (believe like a parking lot or baseball arena.) The basic agreement appears to be that they’re quite dull total.

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Our Cast Member staff member had actually hyped them up in their heads to be magnificent and attractive, and part of that is most likely thanks to the secret surrounding them. If you wish to ever see them on your own, you can either attempt to get a task as a Magic Kingdom Cast Member or book the Keys to the Kingdom trip! This offers folks a quick take a look at the Utilidors.

The Weird Sights

Magic Kingdom’s underground tunnels are basically a series of break spaces, storage closets, corridors, and garages, so you ‘d most likely anticipate to see a few of that magic raised while you’re down here. Seeing Cinderella without her gloves on or Wacky without his head is a typical incident— however obviously, it’s not one that you ever truly get utilized to!

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In addition, did you understand that there’s a Train sandwich store in the Utilidors?! While that might not be an always troubling truth, it definitely might be for individuals who are frightened of Train sandwich stores and would rather ignore their presence. Life is everything about balance, you understand?

The Looks

Not just exists a Train in the tunnels, however there are likewise locations for Cast Members to exercise and get some workout before or after their shifts. Nevertheless, these locations were frequently positions that were gone by when individuals took the Keys to the Kingdom trip.

Cinderella Castle

Folks would frequently simply ogle and gaze at the Cast Members without truly communicating, making them feel unpleasant and like something on screen in a museum. Here’s an idea: Cast Members are individuals too, so if you ever take this trip– do not do that!

The Odors

You have not considered the odor! You see, Magic Kingdom has an extremely complex garbage system. The park utilizes an automatic vacuum collection or AVAC system to get rid of waste. Custodians gather and eliminate garbage from the park twenty-four hours a day, and after that the waste is disposed and processed. The garbage takes a trip from these processors through tubes that go through the Utilidors to a main area. So, as you can envision, it can get rather smelly down there.


Do you understand what other sorts of pipelines are frequently discovered underground? Sewage system pipelines. And Magic Kingdom is no various. So, in addition to handling a garbage odor– you likewise need to tolerate the periodic whiff of poo down there too There’s not a great deal of outstanding air flow or blood circulation in the tunnels, either. Still wish to take that trip?

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Stay tuned to DFB as we bring you all the juicy tricks, troubling realities, and more news about Disney World!

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