This Disney World Treat Broke the Web, However Here’s Something to Completely Dismiss It

If you’re preparing a journey to Disney World, then there’s a great chance you have actually required to social networks to aid with all your preparation.

Hollywood Studios

In an age where we can virtually utilize TikTok as an online search engine in itself, it’s simple to get involved what’s trending as far as park treats go Do not get us incorrect, treats pattern on social networks for a factor. Nevertheless, we have actually discovered that some actually fantastic treat alternatives get forgotten in the shadows of other deals with’ social networks fame Today, we’re here to speak about among those circumstances in specific. Let’s speak about COOKIES.

These aren’t simply any cookies. We’re here to speak about cookies over atDisney’s Hollywood Studios Here, you can discover all sorts of fantastic dessert alternatives. One dessert in specific has actually gone viral here, however, and it can be discovered at Backlot Express.

Backlot Express

Yes, we’re discussing the Wookie Cookie! If you’re not familiar with this reward, it includes 2 oatmeal cookies smooshed together with vanilla cream filling and garnished with a chocolate sash that looks much like Chewbacca’s in Star Wars. It’s $ 6.79 and is a very strong alternative for a sweet reward.

The reward has actually been found throughout socials for being a big, adorable, Star Wars- themed cookie that’s quite darn great, too.

Wookie Cookie

So … what’s the problem? There’s genuinely no problem, aside from consistency. Often, the cookie can be a bit irregular with how wet it is along with just how much icing we’re provided. Other times, it’s prepared a bit sloppily. Oh, and we did consider another problem. COST. This cookie is almost $7, and for that– we anticipate a bit more consistency when it concerns a $7 cookie.

That being stated, there are simply much better alternatives! We will reveal you 2 of those.

Trolley Car Cafe can be discovered towards the front of Hollywood Studios and is really where you can discover the park’s Starbucks. The Carrot Cake Whoopie Pie is MASSIVE and can be all yours for $ 5.49

Carrot Cake Cookie at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It’s 2 wet carrot cake cookies that are smothered and held together with cream cheese buttercream icing. It has never ever dissatisfied us, and it’s truthfully huge enough to share. It’s less expensive than the Wookie Cookie, larger than the Wookie Cookie, and for some folks– it may simply taste much better, too.

Now, let’s head even more into the park for another cookie alternative!

Jack-Jack’s Num Num Cookie can be discovered at The Marketplace in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and is a huge chocolate chip cookie that is so thick that it truthfully looks more like a tiny pie.

It’s wet, it’s gooey, it corresponds, and it’s really well-worth its rate of $ 6.19 If we needed to pick whether we were investing our cash on a near-$ 7 Wookie Cookie or a near-$ 7 Jack-Jack’s Num Num Cookie, we ‘d absolutely choose Jack-Jack.

Jack Jack Num Num Cookie

And there you have it! Naturally, it’s absolutely fine to just choose the Wookie Cookie. Everybody is various! These are simply our group’s ideas on the cookies of Hollywood Studios. We’ll make sure to keep you all upgraded with more Disney news and recommendations, so follow along for more so that you never ever miss out on a thing.

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